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Hi, I'm Harriet!

I started working in retail when I was 17 at a small, local consignment shop in my hometown. In fact, I loved it so much I worked a second job at another small consignment shop in a neighboring town - I just couldn't get enough! My love for clothes, styling & outfitting, and vintage & modern fashion was instantly born.


Having worked in the retail industry for over a decade,  I've worked with countless women (& men) of different ethnicities, body types, personal styles, careers, aspirations and budgets. No matter what my title was, styling customers, suggesting pieces and creating outfits was always part of the job. In fact, it was the part of the job I loved most. There was nothing more fulfilling to me than when a customer left the store feeling excited about their new outfits and more confident than they were when they first walked into the store. I've seen customers' entire mood and attitude change after working together... that's the power of looking and feeling good!!


That's why I want to give YOU the personalized shopping & styling experience you deserve to make you feel oh-so-good!!

Can't wait to work with you!




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